Sally Hansen DVD

I’ve had the Sally Hansen Hd Hi-Def color in DVD for a while. The first time I used the color I put it over a purple polish, I thought it would bring out all the great colors but it had the opposite effect. It was dull and unexciting. I was expecting fabulous colors from the look of the bottle.

I picked up China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise the other day at Sally Beauty Supply (China Glaze is 2 bottle for $10 this month)and used it for a stamp manicure the other day. I’m not going to share any pictures from that manicure, it turned out awful! Turned Up Turquoise has a matte finish, which I was not expecting and you have to be carefull with the application. The first time I used it over Wet-n-Wild French White, because the nail polish is a neon, but I think I didn’t allow it to dry enough before I applied the Turned Up Turquoise because after I applied my Seche Vite top coat I had major nail polish shrinkage. Ugh…. so ugly. But I really love this color so I thought I would give it another try. I was swatching a couple nails deciding what I wanted to do with my nails last night when I tried putting it under DVD. Well, it turned out pretty awesome! It shifts from turquoise, to blue, and then purple!  Its bright, springy and I have been staring at my nails all day. Im glad I gave both of these colors another try.

In direct sunlight