Frozen Flame by Rainbow Honey

Wow, I love this nail polish! The packaging was AWESOME, I didn’t want to open it. The polish  was super easy to apply and the glitter was abundant. I did 3 thin coats because I like glitter! 🙂

I couldn’t decide on a color so I did each nail a differently.

The index in Julep  Charlotte, the middle finger is China Glaze turned up turquoise, the ring finger is  Sephora by Opi (unknown name) and the pinky is Spoiled permission to proceed. I smoothed everything over with 2 coats of Seche Vite.

I had this mani on for about a week. It held up great, minimal tip wear and chips. I was sad to take it off, it was so fun!

Here is my thumb with the only orange polish I have, its from a Nail Ritz nail art kit. 😛 ( im not a big orange fan) But I did love this!

You can buy Rainbow Honey on Etsy. She is currently on vacation but will be back 5/4. Hey, that’s Friday!

Oh and here is a picture of the awesome double rainbow that I saw over the weekend. How funny, it fits perfectly with this post! ha-ha 🙂


Pantone + Sephora = Awesomeness!

I just saw on my Facebook page that Pantone has teamed up with Sephora for an exclusive line of beauty products!  I love Pantone and I am so excited to see them creating makeup products, especially nail polish!

This set retails for $24 and you can buy it through Sephora here. I hope they will be coming out with a full collection of the 2012 Pantone colors.


Nail Wraps

I want these sooooo bad! They are a great price too. 

$16 and enough for 3-4 applications!

You can buy them here  and there are 4 different designs to chose from. I love the “I don’t play nice” set. 


Well this is my first post and my first blog. I have been so inspired by all the creative and awesome women blogging about their nail polish adventures that I wanted to start my own blog too! I am a newbie to the world of nail lacquers and I am very slowly adding new and fun products. I have some Essie Matte About You on the way currently and I just ordered some fantastic Cheeky jumbo nail plates from Amazon. I am so excited to get those and I will post pictures as soon as I receive them. I am a new stamper so you will have to bear with me and we can all learn together! 🙂

See you soon