Yay! I’ve been nominated!

Huge thank you goes out to Horrendous Color who has nominated my blog for the Versatile Blogger Award!

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Random Facts about me!

1.I have two beautiful beautiful children!

2. I work  in the construction industry!

3. I have a big black lap (ugh) dog that weighs over 110 pds

4. I am a public notary

5. I have been married for 7 years this August

6. My favorite color is green, like a granny smith apple

7. My absolute favorite smell is fresh-cut grass, I love it!


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Have a great Friday everyone! And a new post coming soon, I just swatched OPI’s Linkin Park After Dark in Swede, sooo pretty!

What are you Wearing Wednesday

Tell me what you are Wearing this Wonderful Wednesday! Today I have on OPI’s Russian Navy that I picked up from Ulta. They have buy two get a top/base coat free and I had a coupon for $3.50 off a purchase of $10 or more so I got 3 bottles of OPI for $13.50. SCORE!

I am loving this color. It has a deep blue with a hit of purple to it, very pretty and sophisticated.

Green to Blue Gradient

I attempted doing a gradient mani this weekend. It was surprisingly easy.  I started of with some makeup sponges I picked up at CVS and two Spoiled colors; I’m So Jaded, a pretty sparkly neon green and Plenty of Fish in the Sea.

I painted my nails with I’m So Jaded first and let it dry. Let it dry completely, if you try to do this while your base coat is tacky it won’t work!  After my base was dry I brushed I’m So Jaded on the sponge and then Plenty of Fish in the Sea right above it with the two colors overlapping just a bit. The sponge soaked up a bit the first  time and I needed to add to get more contrast but after you do your first nail the sponge will get a bit saturated.  After you have it brushed on just bounce the sponge up and down on your nail a few times untill you get the look you want. It will look bumpy and stippled, its ok! Just take your favorite top coat (mine is seche vite) and apply, it will smooth out and blend a little bit better.  This worked really well but I think next time I might paint my tips the darker color before I do the sponging, I think it will have more contrast than just the one base color. One more thing, it is messy. It took a bit of clean up to get them looking decent, if you were doing very dark colors maybe tape off around your nails first to aid with clean up.

You can see a bit of the  shimmer in this picture but the camera flash kind of bleached out the color contrast. 

Overall it was quick, painless and really fun! I can’t wait to experiment with some more colors. Will this be something you are trying this spring/summer? 

(please excuse my pictures, our camera is packed up and all I have is my cell phone camera. They will get better soon, I promise!)



Frozen Flame by Rainbow Honey

Wow, I love this nail polish! The packaging was AWESOME, I didn’t want to open it. The polish  was super easy to apply and the glitter was abundant. I did 3 thin coats because I like glitter! 🙂

I couldn’t decide on a color so I did each nail a differently.

The index in Julep  Charlotte, the middle finger is China Glaze turned up turquoise, the ring finger is  Sephora by Opi (unknown name) and the pinky is Spoiled permission to proceed. I smoothed everything over with 2 coats of Seche Vite.

I had this mani on for about a week. It held up great, minimal tip wear and chips. I was sad to take it off, it was so fun!

Here is my thumb with the only orange polish I have, its from a Nail Ritz nail art kit. 😛 ( im not a big orange fan) But I did love this!

You can buy Rainbow Honey on Etsy. She is currently on vacation but will be back 5/4. Hey, that’s Friday!

Oh and here is a picture of the awesome double rainbow that I saw over the weekend. How funny, it fits perfectly with this post! ha-ha 🙂

Nail Mail!

I received my polish from Rainbow Nails today! I wanted to conduct a quick poll and let you all decide what color I try the polish over!

Told you I couldn’t decide! It’s to beautiful!!


I just finished the first book and I can not wait to see the movie! To inspire you I have rounded up some of the coolest nail art inspired by The Hunger Games!

From the very talented Nailasurus – I love the mocking-jay pin

The next picture is from redhairandblacknailpolish. All I can say is WOW!

I love the free hand flames – they look real! You can see her website here

Polishyoupretty.com has a great Katniss insprired manicure

And don’t forget about the China Glaze line dedicated to The Hunger Games. Which district will you be rocking this weekend?

I love Stone Cold and Smoke and Ashes.

Oh and just for fun … check out these cookies by Lizy B


Sally Hansen DVD

I’ve had the Sally Hansen Hd Hi-Def color in DVD for a while. The first time I used the color I put it over a purple polish, I thought it would bring out all the great colors but it had the opposite effect. It was dull and unexciting. I was expecting fabulous colors from the look of the bottle.

I picked up China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise the other day at Sally Beauty Supply (China Glaze is 2 bottle for $10 this month)and used it for a stamp manicure the other day. I’m not going to share any pictures from that manicure, it turned out awful! Turned Up Turquoise has a matte finish, which I was not expecting and you have to be carefull with the application. The first time I used it over Wet-n-Wild French White, because the nail polish is a neon, but I think I didn’t allow it to dry enough before I applied the Turned Up Turquoise because after I applied my Seche Vite top coat I had major nail polish shrinkage. Ugh…. so ugly. But I really love this color so I thought I would give it another try. I was swatching a couple nails deciding what I wanted to do with my nails last night when I tried putting it under DVD. Well, it turned out pretty awesome! It shifts from turquoise, to blue, and then purple!  Its bright, springy and I have been staring at my nails all day. Im glad I gave both of these colors another try.

In direct sunlight